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Today's Advice

Allah Almighty said what it means
(If you remain enduring with patience and fearful from Allah, not the least harm will their(enemy) scheme do to you)

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said (Allah Almighty says on Day of Resurrection:
Where are the lovers in my cause , today they will stay in my shade , where no shade except my shade)

Allah Almighty said what it means
( Be fearful from Allah and mend all matters of difference among you)

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon himsaid (The thing that I fear to happen for my Ummah (Islamic Nation) is the presence of misguiding Imams )

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Our Vision

Reconstruction of Islamic Nation based on Qur'an and Prophet Hadith in order to have a united nation with high position among the other nations, to do its Islamic mission in the guidance of the whole world, contributes in security and peace of the world and to respect the human beings by protecting their lives and their security.

Our Mission
Empowering the bonds among the parts of the nation either individuals or groups and to correct the bad situation which has taken place in our nation. This reformation will be based on Qur'an and pure sunnah using the most developed management procedures which has no conflict with Islam.

Our Values
In our quest towards our Vision and to perform our mission we act as per our following values:

- Qur'an and sunnah are our guidance and no consideration for the differences.
- Keeping the human being lives safe.
- Guidance of whole human beings  to Islam.
- Like to the others the same as we like for ourselves.
- Lightly fond in this life and avoid taking the others properties or authorities in order to be loved by Allah and people.
- Cooperation with people to do good for the others.
- Doing good and reformation is our aim without interference in the other affairs or behaving bad with any other group or any other person.
- Strengthening the bonds among the nation part.

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