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In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Peace and mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you

Verily all praise is for Allah, we praise Him, seek His help, guidance and His forgiveness; we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and from the sinfulness of our actions. Whosoever Allah guides, then non can misguides him, and whosoever Allah misguides then you will not find for him supporter and guidance. I testify that there is no god except Allah and I testify that Mohammed is His servant and messenger. The best words are those from Allah ( Qur’an ) and the best guidance is the guidance ( Sunnah ) of Allah messenger Mohammed peace be upon him, his family and followers.

Allah said “They ask you about the gains of war. Say gains of war are for Allah and the Messenger , so fear Allah and adjust all matters of difference among you, and obey Allah and His Messenger, if you are believers “

Messenger said “ Fear Allah wherever you are, do good deed after the bad deed in order that bad deed to be removed and has good behaviors with people”
We have been ordered by Allah and His Messenger to fear Allah and to avoid his punishment, every Friday sermon Ulama ( Scholars ) remind us to be fearful from Allah. Are we really following Allah and Messenger orders and fearful from Allah?

We are always hearing such reminders but we are too much far from the actual fearing from Allah. There is big difference between us and the Muslims at the time of Messenger peace be upon him. They were too much active and they spread Islam religion in short time in Asia, Europe and Africa while we don’t care even we are not informing non Muslims living among us about Islam some of them have been working for more than fifteen years in Arab countries and nobody inform themabout Islam.

Allah and Prophet Mohammed ordered us to make the ties among Muslims in the best situation. Are we doing as per Allah and His Messenger Instructions?

Parts of our nation are not doing as per Allah and His Messenger Instructions. Some of us following the instructions of devils among mankind and jinn; therefore we are killing innocent people as per shayatin ( devils ) instructions.

Dear brothers and sisters, we should be active in Islamic Nation reformation, we are in bad situation because most of us are not following Allah and His Messenger Instructions and this action from us resulted in the anger of Allah which came upon us, our enemies either took our lands or occupied our countries with the help of hypocrites who have islamic names and speak our languages.

Let us follow Allah and His Messenger Instructions and make good ties and bonds among us, let every one of us likes the other Muslims, let us comply with this ayah from Qur’an

Those (Muslim rulers) who, if We give them power in the land, (they) enjoin Iqamat-as-Salat [ i.e. to perform the five prayers], pay the Zakat[the compulsory charity] and instruct their people to do good deeds as ordered by Islam and to warn their people from doing bad deeds which are forbidden by Islam. And with Allah rests the end of matters.
Surah 22 Al hajj Ayah 41.

Let us keep the security of our countries in the best situation, we should not kill people and the innocents, we should not destroy the public or private properties. We should be patient, endure the difficulties, fear from Allah and wait until Allah will decide for us the good situation. Our Islamic Nation had passed before in such bad situation and some of rulers that time they we supporting the enemy to stay in Islamic world but Allah had arranged a good leader Salahuddin Al Ayoubi ,mercy of Allah upon him, who had won the war against the enemy and hypocrites had vanished.

Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said

Spread the Islamic greeting Assalam(peace) among you then you will have the victory } and said { You will not enter the paradise until you believe , and you will not believe until you like each other, shall I guide you for a thing to do in order to like each other? Spread the greeting Assalam (peace ) among you.

It will not cost us anything to spread the Assalam greeting, we should say it when meet each other, when we enter any place like lift, car, bus when we pass by children. This spreading of Assalam greeting it will build good relation among us, we will like each other and we will be in paradise by Allah will that paradise which we always ask Allah to let us be there.

Dear brothers and sisters, we should be aware that good relations among the parts of our nation as our prophet guided us are the reformation of our Islamic Nation. The ties and bonds among the nation parts will be strong and the building of nation will be strong and our situation will be much better. If we do that then we will have done as per our Lord instruction as He said {fear Allah and adjust all matters of difference among you} Surah 8 Al Anfal Ayah 1.

Dear brothers and sisters, we should be aware that our Nation is one nation and this is mentioned in two ayah in Qur’an ; Surah 21 al – Anbiya’ Ayah 92 and Surah 23 Al-Mu’minun, we should remove and neglect all the reasons of difference among us groups or individuals ,

our Lord Allah said

Verily those who divide their religion and break up in sects, you (O Mohammed have no concern in them in the least, their affair is only with Allah, who then will tell them what they used to do.
Surah 6 Al- An’am Ayah 159.

At the end of this sermon, I ask Allah our Lord to forgive us all , to forgive our parents and to forgive all Muslims who are alive or dead. We ask Allah to help us in Islamic Nation Reformation.